Monday, April 8, 2013

April 2013 Book: Lark by Tracey Porter

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mfriedewald said...

I had mixed feelings about this book. While I think it had an interesting story and a lot of potential, I don’t feel like it was developed enough. It was really short (I read it in one afternoon…and I’m a pretty slow reader) which was nice because there is not as much commitment as with a longer novel, but I think that made the important parts of the story seem abrupt. It was a little confusing because as I read I was unable to differentiate between what was supposed to be reality and what was illusion. Also, the lapse of time didn’t seem realistic. And most important for me, was that I was bothered by the basic plot of the story – girls who are tragically abused to death must then suffer for the rest of eternity as a tree…? While the author hits on the point many times throughout the book that these victims didn’t do anything to deserve the events they suffered, turning into a tree against your will because of it seems like a punishment that was sentenced by a higher power, and I just don’t like that idea!

Overall, it is a decent, short read if that’s what you are looking for!