Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 2013 Book 2: BETWEEN Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

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Mrs. Mulkearns said...

Overall, I thought this was a rather depressing book, but actually seems to be pretty decent historical fiction. The time is 1941, and the Soviets have rounded up educated Latvians and sent them to work camps in Siberia. The Latvians believe that the Nazis will come and rescue them. The story centers around Lina and her brother and their mother. Her father has been sent to another location. The author paints very vivid pictures of starvation, and people whose will to survive is all they have left.

Crystal DeLong said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you love historical fiction like me, then this book is perfect for you. As someone who is also interested in Russian/Soviet history, this book drew me in from the moment I read the back cover. While the story is told from Lina's perspective, the character development throughout the book gives you insight into the other characters as well. Often during World War II we focus on the Holocaust and forget that 20 million people died at the hands of Stalin. This novel seeks to tell the story of the voices that have been silenced. While the book is sad and difficult to read at times, due to content, it is honest and truthful. The author doesn't gloss over the horror of what happened, yet she also tells the story in such a way that the details are not too gruesome. If you are interested in a good story and learning a little more about life under Stalin, this is a great choice.

mfriedewald said...

This is a SUPER SAD book about the genecide of the Baltic people by Stalin, which I didn't know a lot about because I think it was overshadowed by the Holocost, which took place around the same time. It is BEAUTIFULLY writen and I couldn't put it down because my desire to know the outcome of these historical events was so intense. A lot of young adult lit books feel a little too "youthful" - bubbly, shallow, etc., but this book that follows a 15 year old Lithuanian girl and her family as they are deported to Syberia felt very mature. I recommend it!!