Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Members also read Breaking Night: Homeless to Harvard by Liz Murray. Several members loved it. One member hated it but she also said she wasn't in the mood for this type of book. Mrs. Schatz said this book is ANOTHER example of why people must read well and have the determination to educate themselves. Miss Murray could read well and decided she needed a high school education and diploma. The reading skill, the determination, and asking for & accepting help got her into Harvard University. Proof positive!!!
and there are more videos of Liz Murray and her book on youtube!!!  Inspiring story!!! 

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Mrs. Mulkearns said...

I loved this book. It reminded me a lot of The Glass Castle. I was very impressed with how this girl essentially skipped high school, but decided at age 17 that she needed an education. She took the initiative to find a school that would take her (with ONE high school credit) and was able to graduate in 2 years and go on to Harvard. People can accomplish a lot if they give up on excuses and take responsibility for themselves.