Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Ms. Tomlinson:
I did read "By the Time You Read this I'll Be Dead"

I read it because I have a terrible problem accepting teen suicide...I guess its more of a bad attitude toward it and I thought reading this book may give me some insight as to why kids do it or try to. I usually feel as though its a ploy to attract attention.

It was an interesting view into a teens mind as far as what drives kids to prefer death to life. Although I felt as though the main character had been bullied excessively, I can't help but still feel as though "suicide" is a selfish and weak option and the child needed to "buck up" and deal with her problems. There was a descriptive part where she was "bullied/almost raped" in the bathroom and I still just think that the main character is not a "strong enough person" to have handled the situation appropriately.

The story has a positive ending (I think...its sort of vague) and I would recommend it as a light read for teenagers and adults alike.

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