Friday, July 23, 2010

New School Year--New Books--New Members

The Book Whisperers would like to welcome Mrs. Roberts, math teacher, and Mrs. Hasan, English teacher, to the club!!!
These are the 2 new books we will be discussing at the August meeting. So mum's the word until that meeting!!! It's a secret about these books!!! ;)
The books are in Mrs. Goff's office.
Hope you've been reading lots this summer!!! Please post comments on the blog. Thanks!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!


LTomlinson said...

Artichoke's Heart...
What do you get when you cross an overly-teased fat girl, a super hunky football player, and the prettiest popular girl at school? A super sweet, feel good story...surprisingly enough!
A great summer read!

Debi said...

Written In Bone

This is a difficult book. It has great pictures and I found it interesting how archaeologists can determine the status and sometimes even the names of the people buried centuries ago. I do not think most of our students would enjoy this book but some might.

Debi said...

Artichoke's Heart
This is a very good book about a high school girl who struggles with her weight and self esteem. Her mother and aunt are constantly nagging her to lose weight but it is not until the cute football player begins to show interest in her that she begins to try to lose weight. The story also involves her relationship with her mother and her intimidation by the popular girls in school. I think our girls would really enjoy it.