Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Surrender by Sonya Hartnett November 2007

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Sydney said...

My Response to Surrender
Linda Kennedy

I started reading Surrender with the preconception that the main character had schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder and that Finnigan and Gabriel were alter-egos of that character. However, upon reading the book, it did not appear to me that this was the case. (I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and have done research on both of these areas.)
When I am reading I tend to lean towards impossible or supernatural explanations. It appeared to me that Finnigan was the spirit of the brother who was mentally retarded. Since he was so unloved and unwanted when he was living and died such a violent death, he came back as a spirit intent on vengeance.
It appears that Finnigan understands that Anwell did not kill Vernon on purpose. Since Anwell was the one person who spent time and showed sincere affection for Vernon, it would make sense why Finnigan who befriend his brother and make a pact with him. The pact would be double strong since they were brothers and made a blood pact. (OK, I know spirits don’t blood bleed, but it is a work of fiction.) This also would account for why Finnigan pays back anyone who offends Gabriel.
Finnigan’s being a spirit would explain several different things. It would explain how he can set the fires without ever being caught or sensed. It would explain why Gabriel can give Surrender to Finnigan even knowing that he has to take him back and kill him. The spirit of the dog does not die, it stays with Finnigan. It also explains how Finnigan enters a locked hospital room. Spirits are not confined by walls or doors.
Finnigan does not want Gabriel to die because he is the only person who knows him. If Gabriel dies then so does Finnigan. That is why Gabriel is willing himself to die. By Gabriel’s refusing to eat, his body is shutting down. (Could be anorexia.) Since Gabriel (aka Anwell) has chosen to be the good half (with the exception of killing all of his family members, hence the mental hospital- you know O.J.’s defense could have gotten him off with the insanity or abuse plea), his spirit goes to heaven. Since Finnigan (aka Vernon) chose to be the evil half, he goes to hell.